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Hotel List in Miyajima


Miyajima Seaside Hotel

It's a Japanese style hotel near a quiet beach. Rooms with a nice night town view give you a romantic atmosphere.
30rooms 120guests
JPY 12,000-24,000
TEL 0829-44-0118 / FAX 0829-44-2881

Hotel Miyajma Villa

Enjoy your sophisticated HOME-FROM-HOME in MIyajima. Relax in a hot spring gazing at the Seto Inland Sea,experience the tastes of Hiroshima and Miyajima cuisine.
42rooms 116guests
JPY 18,000-40,000
With breakfast JPY 18,000-40,000
Single-type with breakfast JPY 11,800-13,300
TEL 0829-44-1180 / FAX 0829-44-1181

Yamaichi bekkan

We mainly serve dinner and banquets, and guests are delighted with good dishes and attentive service of the landlady.
4rooms 15guests
JPY over 11,000
TEL 0829-44-0700 / FAX 0829-44-0701


We have seaside rooms.Overlooking the world heritage, Itsukushima Shrine, an inn where you can feel the many sights and ancient nature of Miyajima.
22rooms 80guests
Room rate JPY 4,545-7,909 (Without meal)
TEL 0829-44-2805 / FAX 0829-44-2806

Hotel Miyarikyu

Very convenient for sightseeing all around Miyajima. Only 3 min walk from Miyajima pier,10 min walk to Itsukushima Shrine. Relaxing Japanese-Style Tatami room Fine Japanese cuisine(using local ingredients).
71rooms 260guests
JPY 14,000-35,000
TEL 0829-44-2111 / FAX 0829-44-2554

Itsukushima Iroha

Itsukushima Iroha Hotel is the hotel with luxury rooms incorporating a contemporary and traditional private residence concept coupled by sleek amenities and spectacular views of Seto Inland Sea, Indulge yourself with our proud Kaiseki cuisine, roof-top bath and hospitality, as well.
14rooms 60guests
JPY 24,000-51,000
TEL 0829-44-0168 / FAX 0829-44-0169


The hotel was built in 1988. A 5minute walk from the Miyajima pier and the world cultural heritage Itsukushima Shrine. A traditional inn where you can enjoy natural hot springs and delicious local dishes.
39rooms 143guests
JPY 20,000-41,000
Single-type with breakfast JPY 11,000-14,000
TEL 0829-44-2131 / FAX 0829-44-2137


It's a stylish hotel in a bistro style with the nice smell of Seto sea breezes. Varieties of fresh European dishes are delicacies of all descriptions.
8rooms 21guests
Room rate JPY 6,300-16,000
With breakfast JPY 7,600-17,300
JPY 12,100-21,800
TEL 0829-44-0039 / FAX 0829-44-2773

Miyajima Hotel Makoto

It's a traditional Japanese style hotel,and takes only 5 minutes to walk from the Miyajima pier. Please enjoy fresh Seto seafood.
54rooms 300guests
JPY 15,000-25,000
TEL 0829-44-0070 / FAX 0829-44-0016

Miyajima Hotel New Kotobuki

The hotel is located between Myajima port and Itsukushima shrine. It's convenient for sightseeing and shopping. It's a B&B hotel.
10rooms 28guests
Room rate JPY 6,600-14,000
TEL 0829-44-2526 / FAX 0829-44-0222

Ryoso Kawaguchi

It takes 1 or 2 minutes to walk to the shrines and the five-storied pagoda.
7rooms 30guests
Room rate JPY 6,500-7,000 (Without meal)
JPY over 13,500
TEL 0829-44-0018 / FAX0829-44-2361

Miyajima Grand Hotel Arimoto

The hotel is behind a hill where the shrines are. Rooms are made in an elegant Japanese traditional style. You can also enjoy rich Seto sea dishes in the hotel.
55rooms 296guests
JPY 20,000-65,000
TEL 0829-44-2411 / FAX 0829-44-2416


The hotel's Seto sea fresh seafood is wholesome and prepared for all ages.
5rooms 25guests
Room rate JPY over 8,000 (Without meal)
JPY 16,000
TEL 0829-44-0077 / FAX 0829-44-0076


Just behind Itsukushima shrine is our quiet Japanese style hotel surrounded by maple trees of Momijidani Park, and has a history of 136 years.
38rooms 150guests
JPY 23,000-50,000
TEL 0829-44-2233 / FAX 0829-44-2230

Miyajima Guest House Mikuniya

This guest house many customers from overseas.
8rooms 21guests
Shared room JPY 4,000
Private room JPY 6,000
TEL 0829-44-1641

Hotel Kikunoya

Near the World Cultural Heritage, Itsukushima Shrine. Momijidani Park, famous for its autumn leaves, is also a short walk away.
24rooms 82guests
Room rate JPY 4,900-22,950
TEL 0829-44-2400 / FAX 0829-40-2401

Watanabe inn

Near the World Heritage,Itukushima Shrine. You can appreciate the beauty of the natural four seasons in Japan.
4rooms 11guests
JPY 19,000-25,000
TEL 0829-44-0234 / FAX 0829-40-0257


Looking down on the Big Torii and Itsukushima Shrine, you can have a quiet dinner or a dinner party, and also there is a "Setouchi Seafood" restaurant with a nice view.
13rooms 80guests
JPY 14,300-34,350
TEL 0829-44-0300 / FAX 0829-40-0388


Near Otomo Park our hotel is in a quiet location close to the Miyajima Aquarium and Itsukushima Shrine.
5rooms 15guests
JPY over 14,000
TEL 0829-44-0173 / FAX 0829-40-0183

Villa Hamorebi

The first Condminium Style Inn in Miyajima.
An inn that comfortably satisfies the rich sensitivity throughout the four seasons.
Room rate JPY 35,000
With breakfast JPY 38,000
JPY 45,000
TEL 0829-30-7750 / FAX 0829-44-0183

Miyajima Mori-no-Yado

This is the only public hostel. It is inside a quiet park which is just in front of Omoto Shrine.
30rooms 128guests
Room rate JPY 4,800
JPY 9,000-18,200
TEL(0829)44-0430 / FAX(0829)44-2248

Hotel Charges
1guest / 1night with 2meals tax is not included list price.

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